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About Us

Capital City Softwash

We are a locally owned, operated, and insured, Soft Wash & Pressure washing business, started out of Tallahassee, Florida. Our owner and employees have 12+ years experience in this industry, and have expert knowledge of proper care for your home.  Our owner, was raised in Tallahassee, attended local schools and colleges and is proud to service his local community and neighbors. His wife and him have 4 children, and are active in the community. Small business is the heart of our local economy & America, and we love what we do. Thank you for considering us for your services. 

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What Is Soft Washing?


        Soft Washing is a new and safer way to clean exterior surfaces. This method is best used for most all Residential & Commercial cleaning, Exterior Washing, Deck Cleaning, and in some cases cement cleaning. Because of the damage that pressure washing also known as power washing can do to exterior surfaces a new process of using highly effective cleaning detergents, chemicals, and very low pressure water was developed. This new system not only cleans better, but also is used to treat the surfaces as well.


        With Soft Washing custom blended cleaning solutions are applied to the surface by use of special, low pressure pumps. The pressure is about the same as what would be seen coming from a garden hose. It is the cleaning solution that does all the work. Whereas with the use of a power washer, it is the pressure of the water stream that is trying to do the cleaning.


     After the cleaning solution is applied it is allowed to remain on the surface for a certain amount of time to give the cleaners a chance to seep into all the little cracks and crevices, breaking the bond dirt has and to kill all the algae, bacteria and other contaminants. Then the surface is rinsed with low pressure leaving your home or business not only clean, but safe from the damages caused by pressure washing.

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